Artist & MakerSpace Studios at C3Lab

Being a creative hub in South End, C3Lab supports the efforts of artists at all stages of their careers by offering affordable artist space.  To sustain the local arts community, C3 provides common spaces where artists can meet, socialize and collaborate, learn together and have creative dialogue about art being created, exhibit their current works and/or WIP and thrive in their artistic practice.  C3 hosts an art exhibit each year featuring all the artists in Gallery C3.

Artists & Makers at C3Lab

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Gallery C3 is an alternative art space that hosts exhibits featuring local, regional, national and international artists.  From emerging to established artists, Gallery C3 supports traditional, contemporary, and hybrid art forms that integrate social, interdisciplinary, experimental, imaginative and innovative collaborations that are intended to stimulate, boldly shape and connect through an intimate exchange to the artistic community.


ICONOGRAPHY: Works by Micah Sherrill

Join Gallery C3 for a new exhibit featuring iconic works by Asheville artist Micah Sherrill on Friday, November 2nd from 7 to 10pm.

When I finished high school, my uncle sent me a Diane Arbus books with an inscription: "Remember that the only thing worth photographing, or painting, or even looking the human face." That statement has been an echo in my mind as I have made my work. The face has been central to what I find interesting and continue to explore. There is always much to experiment with, and the face is a wealthy foundation to improvise from. - Micah Sherrill

Exhibit will be on display through November 20th.


Coming in December - INTERSECTION

Exhibit Artwork by Irisol Gonzalez & Val Chan

Exhibit Artwork by Irisol Gonzalez & Val Chan

Gallery C3 will host the annual INTERSECTION Art Exhibit featuring all the artists, makers & designers at C3Lab on Friday, December 7th from 7 to 10pm.

Diverging styles, methods and individuals intersect in space to frame this annual exhibit from the artists at C3.

Personal styles, careers, and life don't always function together in harmony, but when you intersect the common thread of the love of art throughout a creative space, with the true spirit of collaboration – an interesting collage emerges to tell a meaningful story.

They are all artists. Different faces in different stages. But all within the same space to passionately connect with what feeds their soul and drives their imagination to create artistic value to the community and beyond.

Come meet all the artists in their studios during the South End Gallery Crawl. DiSean and Frank from Behind the Bar will be creating specialty cocktails for this special evening.

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