Artist & MakerSpace Studios at C3Lab

Being a creative hub in South End, C3Lab supports the efforts of artists at all stages of their careers by offering affordable artist space.  To sustain the local arts community, C3 provides common spaces where artists can meet, socialize and collaborate, learn together and have creative dialogue about art being created, exhibit their current works and/or WIP and thrive in their artistic practice.  C3 hosts an art exhibit each year featuring all the artists in Gallery C3.

Artists & Makers at C3Lab

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Gallery C3 is an alternative art space that hosts exhibits featuring local, regional, national and international artists.  From emerging to established artists, Gallery C3 supports traditional, contemporary, and hybrid art forms that integrate social, interdisciplinary, experimental, imaginative and innovative collaborations that are intended to stimulate, boldly shape and connect through an intimate exchange to the artistic community.

Where I’m From - A Bree Stallings Experience

This work delineates from her current work and focuses around new practices of installation and experiential creation. The work, installed inside a 6,000 square foot former industrial warehouse, will explore the places in which she's lived: her current home now (in the first year she's lived alone), the childhood homes she was raised in (none of which still exist or belong to family through foreclosure, and a lack of generational wealth) and more abstractly, the primal living areas in which we all enter and navigate the world: her own body and her mother's body.

In all families, there are themes of truth and identity: what do we celebrate? What do we keep covert and hidden? Who makes those decisions and why? In this ever-evolving mythical story space, characters emerge: the migrant mother from Japan (her grandmother), the red clay potter (her grandfather), and the ones without (her parents). The space will feature miniature hanging viewing stations, a "wishing wall", a length of fishnet from which will hang hundreds of her family's mementos, photos, letters, secrets and tales. There will be an open invite for the show participants to do the same, an altar of sorts.

Exhibit is on display through April 26th.