Artist & MakerSpace Studios at C3Lab

Being a creative hub in South End, C3Lab supports the efforts of artists at all stages of their careers by offering affordable artist space.  To sustain the local arts community, C3 provides common spaces where artists can meet, socialize and collaborate, learn together and have creative dialogue about art being created, exhibit their current works and/or WIP and thrive in their artistic practice.  C3 hosts an art exhibit each year featuring all the artists in Gallery C3.

Artists & Makers at C3Lab

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Gallery C3 is an alternative art space that hosts exhibits featuring local, regional, national and international artists.  From emerging to established artists, Gallery C3 supports traditional, contemporary, and hybrid art forms that integrate social, interdisciplinary, experimental, imaginative and innovative collaborations that are intended to stimulate, boldly shape and connect through an intimate exchange to the artistic community.

March 1st opening night audio performances by: Nathan Matthews (nature inspired music/sound performance) & The Mystery Plan (ambient set), along with specialty curated cocktails by Behind the Bar.

Conversations with Nature: A Multi-Sensory Art Event

This new exhibit featuring works by Crista Cammaroto, Kimberly McFadden Hutchinson, Rebecca Jones, Elizabeth Palmisano, Nicole Schoepflin, Joann Galarza Vega, Sara Woodmansee is on display through Monday, March 11th.

To have a conversation is to listen and communicate, to exchange ideas. Nature is teeming with shapes and sounds, beauty and design. It has history, medicine, cycles, and knowledge. Nature has been personified and humanized: Mother Nature, the laws of nature, human nature. By paying attention to nature, we are rewarded with inspiration and learn more about the world, and ourselves. The artworks in this show are created from materials from nature and/or inspired by nature. What does nature communicate to you? What do you learn about yourself by listening?