The co-working space for people who want to
evolve their business.

Ready for something more permanent than that corner table at Starbucks? Want to take a call and not feel like the entire cafe is on the line? Looking for a meeting place where you don't have to hog the farmhouse table in the middle of the room? Then C3 Lab just might be the you.


A Table to Call Your Own


Gone are the days of fighting for elbow room or having to whisper through private conversations. Shared space members have full access to conference room facilities.

Free. Local. Coffee.


We understand the importance of good coffee, so we've partnered with Pure Intentions Coffee, a local roaster of beans. Add in free snacks and we'll keep you powered all day.

Yes...We Have Ping Pong, too


Ok, so it's a little clichéd, but our break room is the perfect place to unplug and relax, or work out some stress by smacking a ball back and forth — your call.

Please contact us for more information or to inquire about
monthly rates.