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Gallery Crawl

Color Through Chaos by Jessica Albrecht

“I picked up a paintbrush ten years ago, without any real training or intent, and it changed my life and my perception of the world around me. The freedom of color and expression spilled into my everyday life.  Everything around me became covered in paint. My house, my clothes, my body, everything I owned was a daily reminder of where my heart was. I made a conscious decision to not hold back. To let every piece of honesty that I had in my bones out on a canvas, or whatever object was available to paint. Now, I almost never use a paint brush. I throw paint.  I've used everything from my hands to a whip to explore new possibilities. I paint outside. It moves me to be close to nature, and the freedom that comes with it. My entire patio, grill, siding of my house, is covered in paint. I listen to the loudest rock music I can find, and then completely let go. I am moved by color, space, words, architecture, the female form, beautiful and strong women, and people who are unapologetically themselves.  At the end of the day, it's all funny.  All of it. I try to combine all of these things, in a raw, and honest way. I mostly use spray paint and acrylic paint. I find beauty in chaos and color, and that's where it all falls into place for me. “

During the Southend Gallery Crawl, stop at Gallery C3 to view Jessica’s final pieces! We are happy to announce that Behind the Bar will be selling their specialty cocktails at the opening night.

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